Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Food Network Fan's Travel to NYC - Centrico

Chef Aaron Sanchez (Chopped)

Centrico would be a great place to go out to on a Friday night. We actually ate dinner there Friday night and it was filled with laughter, good food and drinks. The Centrico Margarita and Granada were both very good drinks...we kept them coming all night. To start, we had the Tres Salsas and Chips. Matt loves chips and salsa so whenever we go to a Mexican restaurant, I don't even need to ask if he's planning on ordering an appetizer. All 3 salsas were spicy. So of course I wasn't crazy about the salsa. Matt had the Enchiladas de Res. The braised beef short ribs in the enchilada was very good and tender. I wished there was more of it though. I ordered the Bistec con Chiles Verdes which was basically grilled adobo sirloin steak. It was cooked really good, and wasn't spicy at all actually. I wished it came with more of that delicious sauce on it though. It came with steak fries, which is my least favorite cut of fries, but I liked them. The best part for me was the dessert. (Matt's favorite meal there was his enchilada.) We had the Pastel de Chocolate Mexicano aka a molten mexican chocolate cake with a choco-chile sauce and corn ice cream. Corn ice cream! It was so good! I had never had corn ice cream and would like to try making some now.

Bistec con Chiles Verdes - grillede adobo sirloin steak, cactus, rajas
 Tres Salsas and Chips
Enchiladas de Res - braised beef short ribs, chile colorado sauce

 Pastel  de Chocolate Mexicano - molten mexican chocolate cake, choco-chile sauce, corn ice cream

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