Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Food Network Fan's Travel to NYC - Chinatown

Where can you go to get cheaper, delicous food in NY? Chinatown of course! And let me tell you, it's authentic. Just like my mom's cooking. Not that Americanized Chinese restaurant food (no offense). Being Vietnamese, I wanted to go to a Viet restaurant so I can compare it to my mom's food. We ordered the Chargrilled beef and Spring Rolls to start. Very good. If you've never had an asian chargrilled beef, you should try it. So much flavor and so juicy. The spring rolls were good too, but we still think my mom's is the best :) For our meal, Matt had the beef and broccoli and I had the roasted duck. It was just like the roasted duck my mom buys whenever she goes to the asian grocery market area. And so much food for the price, it was great.
Chargrilled beef and Spring Rolls 

Roasted Duck and Beef and Broccoli

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